Best of the Rest: Intro’s Love Me Better

Intro New Life album cover Love Me Better might be the single greatest Stevie Wonder ballad that Stevie Wonder didn’t write or sing. The late Kenny Greene cements with the first couplet – made you a crown to call your own, made out of grass just like your thrown – that he is every bit the lyric (as in poetry) songwriter that Stevie is, and nearly as good.

The thing about Intro was that even though Kenny Greene handled all the leads, the songs were arranged so that all three voices make the song work.  Here Kenny’s tender lead singing is actually the part of the song that you get to last because the hook grabs you so totally.  The vocal arrangement of it is so intricate and specific in the emotion it conveys that you almost don’t hear the words. This is important because the lyrics are lyrical (again, as in poetry) and intimate more than they explain.

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