Hip-Hop Dopeness: Kool Moe Dee on Quincy Jones’ Back on the Block

Kool Moe Dee’s closing verse is amazing.  It succinctly deconstructs (and constructs) black identity.  We do NOT talk about Kool Moe Dee enough when we talk about the greats of Hip-Hop’s Golden Age.

We should.


An everlasting omnipresence is my present
State of being, seeing the unpleasant
Sight of righteous souls live like peasants
The mind stunts growth in adolescents
My insight enables me to enlight
The weakest of minds, and I put em in flight
As I transcend, a-scend or de-scend
Re-create, re-incarnate and re-send
The powerful spirits of our ancestors
For those that don’t know how God blessed us
Because man messed up, the media dressed up
Lies perpetrated as truth, and it left us
Confused, but I’ve seen it all before
From Babylon to the Third World War
I’m more than a man, I’m more like an entity
Back on the block, and this time my identity
Is the Dude

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