AYO! Meth and Red Are Back!

Can we have a national conversation about how Lil Wayne owes Reggie truckloads of cake for jackin Reggie’s eccentric persona?

Eh, probably not.  Still true though.


I’m feelin this something fierce.  This is actually a little out of left field for Cliff and Reggie, sorta summery.  I can picture myself riding through the hood in my droptop to this joint…you know, if i had one.

The “aww shit” line?

Meth: “Livin this life like it was written. Especially for me I’m what the recipe is missin”



Side note – Method Man is so telegenic it’s ridiculous.  I can’t think of another rapper who commands the camera as easily as he does (maybe Jay, but clearly he’s no Clifford Smith, am I right?).  There are lots of pretty rappers (hi T.I. and Cam), but Meth is next-level fine because you know he kinda grimy and shit.  Sort of a throwback to Treach and nem.  Whewwww!

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