To Be Continued Brass Band

I was in New Orleans over the weekend for work.  The work was great, inspiring, fun even.  But the true highlight of the trip was getting to hear this terrific brass band, To Be Continued, on Bourbon Street.

These kids started playing in high school but there lives were ruined by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  Yet they've persevered.  A documentary about their lives and their work was released last year and they book gigs around the world.  I spoke with one of the young trumpet players who told us they even played at an event at the DNC.

If you are ever in New Orleans, head on down to Bourbon Street in the evening.  They will probably be there playin' up a storm since they play on the street for tourists and locals every night.

From The Mouthpiece On Back from C O'Halloran on Vimeo.

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