Prayers Answered!

Kelly Rowland reported yesterday that Kelly Rowland has finally come to her senses and will be dropping evil Daddy Matthew as her manager.

A source who works very closely with SONY/BMG tells us that Destiny’s Step-Child singer Kelly Rowland is set to change lanes when it comes to her her manager and career. Yeah we’ve heard this rumor before, but this time it seems quite legit. She was recently spotted meeting with 19 Entertainment’s Simon Fuller, who she is expected to announce as her new manager at the top of the year. We predict her current manager Mathew Knowles ain’t gonna like this.

Actually – I don’t think he gives a shit.  If he did, her two albums wouldn’t have been so mediocre.

By all measures, Kelly Rowland is a better singer than Beyonce.  As such, she should have had better material.  When she has great material – Love and Beyond Imagination come to mind – she is downright transcendant.  That the Knowles couldn’t see a way to make all the girls shine in their own way is a travesty.

That said, I don’t really know that Simon Fuller is the right choice for Kelly.  She’s not a pop star in that bland everyone-likes-this-play-by-numbers-Number-one-song way.  She’s capable of so very much more.  There are more ways to define success than pop success.  Kelly and Simon would do well to remember that before they pick some bullshit trendy pop producer or – god forbid – Diane Warren or something.

To be fair to Daddy Matthew, Kelly drank that “Beyonce rules the world” Kool-Aid more than anyone.  It’s a shame she took this long to realize that the Knowles ain’t thinkin’ ’bout her.

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