Hip Hop: Fair and Balanced

You know – I’m wit it.

I think it’d be good to have a channel managed by elder statesmen in the game who will give a lot of different types of hip-hop artists a place to shine. And I can’t think of a fairer arbiter of what goes on such a channel than KRS-One.  Say what you want, but the man articulates his point of view and it’s always well reasoned.  I think an intellectual approach to promoting hip-hop is genius.

We should actually try said approach on all black cultural art forms.

That said, its interesting and frustrating to see the Fox News interview style when its black people.  To be fair – I think they have no respect for most of their guests, on any side of an issue.  But man, this shit is laughably bad.  It’s so clear that these cats have no idea about the form, the culture or black people. It’s also clear, by the perfunctory silly questions asked, that there is little respect for the form, the culture or black people.

I mean damn, a lil research might make the interview…well, more interview-like as opposed to a televised press release.

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