Heroes! Episodes 8-10


So I haven't blogged this show since that misguided "in the past" episode for Episode 8.  I mean, Hiro had to go through all of that to realize it's freakin Arthur Petrelli?  


The show is squandering a good concept right now.  The two-parter that concluded with last night's Episode 10 was overwrought and poorly executed.

Why in the world are Elle and Sylar flip flopping every other scene from good to bad to good to bad? Snooze…oh, and totally unbelievable?  These are the most compelling "villains" the show has and their "conflicted" natures have been completely abused.  They were downright annoying by last night's Episode 10, something I never thought I'd say about either of them (esp. Kristin Bell, who I still adore)

I am still annoyed with Mohinder and the prominence of Daphne irks me as well.  I think they both need to be gone.  Seriously – gone.  Can we have DL back in exchange?

Leonard Roberts as DL Hawkins
Ain't he so pretty? 

Things I like?

I like the Haitian's brother.  Nice (and subtle) parallel to the Petrelli brothers.

I like the developments with Claire and her father.  In fact, the loss of the powers really only helped further define Claire.  I don't know that this worked as well as it should have for the other characters. 

That's it, man.  It feels like by this point, Episode 10, we should have already known who the "heroes" and "villains" are.  They did this with Episode 7.  To continue for another three episodes just to get Nathan on the bad side and solidify the others in their roles is just too much.  By now, we should be fighting.  We should be on to the showdown. 

Either that, or it should have been better rendered over these last 3 episodes.

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