Best of the Rest: Kim Summerson’s Choices

Someone should do a study into why a label as strong and deep with talent as Death Row reigned for so short a time.  For my part, I’m convinced that the dumbest thing Suge ever did was keep his singers hidden away.  Every one of them, from Jewell to Danny Boy to Michel’le (the woman singing over hip hop tracks before Mary J.) was a strong vocalist.

When Dre left to form Aftermath, his first album, Dr. Dre Presents The Aftermath, seemed to signal a shift toward highlighting the depth of singing talent on the West Coast. as it featured quite a few terrific R&B tracks. And while girl group Hands-On was foxy as hell on Got Me Open, I find that this Kim Summerson joint is actually the strongest of the sung tracks.

Though rather standard in lyric, Budda’s production enhances Kim’s vocal just enough to give it weight it might otherwise have lacked.  But Kim doesn’t cede the spotlight to the production, dramatic though it is.  Her vocal is quite strong and reveals a singer with sharp phrasing and beautiful tone.

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