short takes II

-So President Bush has pardoned Fugee affiliate John Forte. Word is – Forte had Carly Simon and Sen. Orrin Hatch work that magic for him. Wow.  I don't have words for how crazy this is.

-President-elect Barack Obama has launched a website on health care reform.  Let's the debate begin folks…

-Yahoo! Music has compiled a list of the lowest selling number one albums. Guess who made the top of the list?  This list is very useful, because it reminds us that just because you hit number 1 doesn't mean that you are selling a gazillion records.

-So we know that Barack has announced a number of folks for his administration. There is chatter about the "center"-ish nature of these choices.  Ta-Nehisi has a beautiful piece about this issue.  I largely agree with what he says in it.  Though O's picks do give me a bit of pause.  I've always known he was a triangluating centrist in a lot of ways, but I do sorta wish he would shake things up a bit somewhere.  But given where we are, maybe getting your sea legs first is the right move.  Anywho, let's wait and see.

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