I voted!


The feeling is indescribable, folks.

In D.C., they give you the option of voting on paper or with the evil machines.  Lord and buddha and nem, bless the D.C. Board of Elections for making a smart choice right there.

I waited 40 minutes, was greeted with warm smiles by competent poll workers with boundless energy, and got my "I voted" sticker.

Let's talk briefly about my poll workers, cause those ladies had the shit running so smoothly.  They cut down wait times by monitoring the lines to see if different areas of the alphabet moved more quickly and moved people up accordingly.  They explained directions quickly and quietly, handled people with disabilities patiently and swiftly, and were just all around on top of their game. 

Watching them work this morning, I'm convinced that we can fix our election system to be more accurate and smooth.  The things they did weren't rocket science or anything.  They were just trained and confident and efficient.  Granted D.C. isn't a battleground state so the lack of shenanigans makes some sense politically, but in terms of competency this is the best election I've yet experienced.

Shout out to Precinct 73!

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