What’s in an Endorsement?

So yea, Colin Powell endorsed Obama.

Don't act like you were surprised.

Shit.  I'm surprised it was as full-throated it was.  I especially liked his comments on the right's use of the word  "Muslim" as a slur.  He almost called it *gasp* "racist." 

Almost, cause everyone knows being called one is worse than being one.

I understand how black folks can be conservative.  But I never quite get my
head around how they can be members of the Republican Party machine of
the past 40 years.  I wonder why they don't draw that distinction
(because it's there).  This to me, is a huge part of the reason why the two-party system doesn't serve America well.  There's gotta be something other than Dems and Rs for people (esp. black folks).

So knowing that, you'll see why I never much cared one way or another about Powell, particularly when he went to work for Bush.  That just seemed crazy to me. (Unlike most, I never believed in that "compassionate conservative" mess, that muthafucka always seemed shifty and sleazy to me).  But he's stupid accomplished and (at least here) seems principled.

That said, I have no idea what this gets Obama. Old white folks? Veterans?

Every little bit helps I guess.

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