Tigger Slew by Hype

So I have to correct something I said in an earlier post.

Jazmine Sullivan is MAJOR!

Exhibit A:

Don't this joint KNOCK?!  The backgrounds make the song for me.

So yea, sometimes the hype is right.  I stand corrected.

On this score.

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7 Responses to Tigger Slew by Hype

  1. Erica W says:

    Umm…since you want to be all vague about standing corrected and having a conversation with “a friend”, let me set the record straigh: I am Erica. I am the friend that put you on to Jazmine Sullivan. And I accept your apology.

  2. Tyler says:

    I was tryna respect your anonymity. Now you outted all over the innanets

  3. Erica W says:

    lol. Have you ever known me to want to be anonymous?

  4. I fucking love it. R&B is in more than decent shape this year.

  5. Tyler says:

    Oh I know. Brandy hasn’t even come out and I have about 20 albums I wanna talk about at year’s end. It’s gonna be real fun this year to talk about black music, man.
    Jazmine is amazing dude. I still stand by my assessment that the first single is straight up wack, but this joint goes SO HARD.
    Thanks for stoppin by. Always a pleasure, Robert.

  6. will be glad to read it. There is a new modernism in black pop( erykah/solange/this) that I like.

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