Conversating on Foreign Policy

I totally missed this the other night:

Full disclosure: If there is anything I don't know, it's foreign policy with respect to the Middle East.

That said, for as condescending as Bill O'Reilly is, this actually plays like a real fuckin conversation. I dig that, man. The news doesn't really allow for a conversation where one has time to talk through some nuances the way Bill and Barack do here.  Even shows with interview segments like this rarely play this loose and free with a topic. 

Whether you agree with Barack or not (and I really have no frame of reference for this conversation, but Barack seems reasonable here), you gotta appreciate that there is more to this clip than a punchy soundbite.

Also – Bill isn't nearly as mean-spirited as he normally is. Is that cowardice or respect because Barack is sitting right in front of him? Both?

Eh, probably both.

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