When I heard rumors that they were gonna do a 90210 spinoff…eh, didn’t much care.

That is, until they decided to bring Shannen Doherty back!


Yes I did miss you, Shannen!

I admit it: I loves me some Shannen Doherty.

She was the only reason I bothered with the show as a teen. She has a quality that always appealed to me (I even watched a lil of Charmed when it was on…just for her).  Not sure what it’s about.

Beverly Hills 90210 was the whitest show I watched as a kid (my nights were all about Living Single, Martin, New York Undercover).  And even though there were no black people (David Silver does NOT count, folks), I got a kick out of seeing how similar the characters were to the self-absorbed white folks I went to high school with.

More importantly, watching the show on DVD now, but it becomes very clear that Shannen’s Brenda is the only character that feels like a real teenager.  She’s self-involved, spoiled, whiny, bitchy, melodramatic, and a genuinely good person. Just like a teenager.

I never quite saw Brenda as the bitch that everyone said she was (even in Season 4 when her character was gutted to make room for more Jennie Garth) because it was clear that she never did anything on purpose.  It sucks, since they never did anything worthwhile with Kelly Taylor anyway, a character that was rich with potential (Kelly and the cult.  boo. just. boo.).

Anywho…I think now I might check out the new 90210.

Just for Shannen.

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2 Responses to 90210

  1. So, you know what? I’ve been seeing stuff posted all around in regards to this and um, I’ve gotta admit – I’m sooo not a 90210 fan – I’m not sure I’ve ever been. I hope it does good though.

  2. Tyler says:

    I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of the original show either. But I do know way too much about it. I just got a kick out of the outrageousness of it.

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