Real Time Is Real


Bill Maher is a misogynist, man. 

But I gotta tell you:

Real Time with Bill Maher's panels are the most consistently great televised political discussions in our nation.  If you factor over a decade of Politically Incorrect, I'd argue that he's been the best thing for televised political discourse in a really long time. 

And I mean that.

I think he asks the questions that few other people do.  And he asks them all the time.  He cuts through the bullshit.  He talks about race and religion and gender (though as a misogynist, this is always imperfect and deeply disturbing) a lot.   Those three things alone make him better than any other political figure on television (as they run from the complexity of these issues at every turn).

He also doesn't pull any punches and plays devil's advocate to the hilt, getting his guests to talk as honestly as they can (some are politicians, after all).  He doesn't coddle them and he often will tell them (particularly the politicians) when they are full of shit.

Last night's season premiere had two highlights, folks:

1. Michel Martin of NPR.  Specifically this money quote about Sarah Palin: "I think Democrats underestimate her to their peril."

2. Bill Maher's last monologue on morality, John Edwards, and poverty.

Real Time with Bill Maher

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  1. Interesting…I would have never have seen him in this light.

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