Business as Usual for Mrs. Carter


You know – I actually am sitting here thinking that writing about this issue again is pointless.

I’ve actually tried to write something about this here a bunch of times.  I can’t seem to really articulate anything here that I haven’t already said, again and again.

At this point, the arrogance of the Knowles to think that they can do this without incident has everything to do with the fact that we Black folks haven’t been sufficiently angry about images of Beyonce throughout her entire career.  And because it has been explained away without any understanding of why it matters so much to (some of) us.

This kind of thing should outrage black people.

If her paper were threatened.  If we stopped buying her records (which are increasingly banal and worthless anyway)….

…who knows?  The Knowles arrogance seems to know no bounds.

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3 Responses to Business as Usual for Mrs. Carter

  1. T B says:

    Everyone should be outraged about this.
    People definitely would slot me into the ‘white’ category, yet I think it’s horrible that ‘whiteness’ is considered the prime standard of beauty, normalcy, etc. I don’t think that words can convey how wrong this sort of thing is; yet, words are probably the best we’ve got.

  2. Tyler says:

    Actually no.
    We could stop supporting her. If she didn’t make money and she knew this was the reason, she’d stop letting people do this to her.
    But the problem is, we get mad but go right on loving her, supporting her, calling her beautiful, buying her increasingly moronic albums. She won’t change until she understands that this is unacceptable behavior.

  3. C says:

    The only person who needs to be mad is Beyonce. At this point, I mean – as pervasive as her image is, we ALL know she doesn’t look like that.

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