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I feel powerless at times when idiotic phrases enter the lexicon and nothing will change that. “Fist bump?!?!?!?”  “Bitchassness?!?!?!!”  Ummmm, really?

Global Media Group bought Death Row Records at an auction for $24 million.  Wow.  Does this mean there is new life for Daz Dillinger?  Probably not, huh?  But it does mean another bastardized 2pac release since they now own his unreleased stuff.  Didn’t Afeni get rights to some of that too?  Damn.

Obama’s speech before the NAACP was exactly the kind of speech that his (black) critics wanted, but let’s hope they saw it live or read a transcript, because the media reduced it to…”Obama bashes blacks, calls for responsibility.” Riiiiiight.

I got an email from Media Matters about another “racist” move.  Apparently, John McLaughlin of the McLaughlin Group called Obama an “oreo.”  Two thoughts:  How old is John McLaughlin? Does anyone even watch the McLaughlin Group?  Oh…one more:  Who says “oreo” nowadays?

I know Hollywood doesn’t want to “be grave robbers” and exploit Heath Ledger and all, but what’s with all the articles about how they don’t want to grave rob…that then go on to praise his work, lament his death, and talk about a posthumous Oscar?  Maybe I don’t know what they mean by “grave robbing?”

So, Estelle.  I don’t dislike her so much as confused by why everyone is shootin their wad over her.  But then, I don’t like Seinfeld, John Mayer, The Beatles, Elvis, anything Will Ferrell touches, or Amy Winehouse, so perhaps not the best judge of what should be a zeitgeist capturing piece of art.  Anywho…one thing: not Lauryn Hill, so stop.

Also, seriously, folks.  Lil Wayne?  No. Just. No.

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2 Responses to short takes

  1. ya know – i’m still working on getting into Estelle.

  2. Tyler says:

    Ugh…fight the urge. She aight, nothing special. The industry is working overtime on her and I just don’t see why.

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