Nas v. Fox News

I get so ambivalent about this kind of thing.

On the one hand – I’m happy to see Nas more actively political. 

On the other – I’m really not sure that attacking Fox will do much.  Those who hate Fox already get this.  Those who don’t definitely aren’t listening to Nas.  Everyone else is pretty much the “i don’t cares” of society. 

That said, I do think this kind of action does move young people to become more politically aware and active.

The question is : When do we on the Left start to devise and employ more effective tactics? 

What Color of Change did for Jena 6 was spirited, effective grassroots mobilization.  So it seems odd that a petition is what they are doing for Fox.

But maybe its just the warning shot over the bow.

UPDATE (7:30pm):

First – Stephen Colbert is the man! 

Second – Nas performing Sly Fox, easily the best song on the new record.

Third – Reggin please?!  Quote of the year!

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  1. You’re so right about Fox!

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