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I’m not the biggest fan of music videos.  Most of them are uninteresting.  But I have seen a few recently that are worthy of a full post.  Check em out.

Calvin Richardson, Sang No More

Calvin is one of those brothas who should be a huge star.  His voice is heaven sent and he’s so very very pretty!  That said, this video is notable for its simplicity.  Calvin and his voice are front and center and I dig that.

SugaRushBeat Company, L.O.V.E.

SugaRushBeat Company is a group headed by Rahsaan Patterson, who happens to be my favorite singer.  This group is a bit funkier than Rahsaan’s solo stuff.  I love this video because it captures the slightly psychodelic feel of the song.

Ne-Yo, Closer

Ne-Yo’s new ditty is a nice MJ-lite song that let’s him unleash a bit of his inner disco queen.  The song itself is a bit muted vocally, but the video elevates it beautifully.  The choreography is dynamic, Ne-Yo exhibits a newfound confidence and a hint of swagger, and the cinematography is stupendous.  It’s easily the best video currently out. 

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  1. You know…you’re so right about Calvin Richardson. He’s still in rotation on my Chill Beats and Grooves playlist on itunes.

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